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Gary Van Miert is the fearless leader of "The Sensational Country Blues Wonders." His twangy mix of Gospel and Country Blues music has been a crowd pleasing staple of the North Jersey/NYC music scene for many years now.

During the pandemic, Gary reinvented himself and became "The Psychedelic Cowboy." His new album "The Adventures of a Psychedelic Cowboy" is a fascinating mix of Country Blues and Psychedelic Rock.

I sat down with Gary Van Miert to talk about the making of his album, the future of live music and breathing.

Download and preview the new album on Band Camp, Spotify, and anywhere else you get  fine music!

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Sid Whelan is an enthusiastically and unapologetically old-school and eclectic songwriter, singer, bandleader and guitarist who has earned praise for his well-crafted lyrics and his harmonically rich guitar voicings. He has studied songwriting with Grammy-winning artists Steve Earle and Chely Wright.

He was also lead guitarist with various world music acts including the Lijadu Sisters and later Afroblue. 

I had the honor to master his new album, "Waiting For Payday", and the pleasure to sit down with him for this two part interview!

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Chrissy Roberts has been enchanting audiences in NYC and New Jersey for many years and has recently played Stanhope House in Stanhope, New Jersey, White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, The Bottom Line in NYC and many other clubs.

She’s also been a featured performer at the NJ Folk Project.

Her new album, "Songs on the Fire Escape" is a sweet potpourri of Folk, Rock, Jazz and more and it's one of my favorite albums of the year.

Buy it now at CD Baby!



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Ross Sandler is one of the funkiest and funniest Mofos I know-not to mention super talented! 

His new album "Don't Stop" is guaranteed to make you move your feet and is good for the soul as well.

The songs are brilliantly arranged, thanks in no small part to Ross and John Roccesano. I had the double pleasure of mastering this project and sitting down with Ross.

You can purchase this stellar EP here:


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Suzy Brandtastic, aka Susan Newman, had a really nice radio chat with Nick Ciavatta, Voice Actor, Promoter and Musician on her radio show recently. They talked about the Voice Over business, how to get work in that industry, Nick's band, Sea of Otters and more.

Susan Newman is a brand visibility designer, web specialist and environmentalist. She is the CEO and founder of Susan Newman Design, Inc and Frogs Are Green, Inc. Susan is the host of Suzy Brandtastic and believes that branding and consistency are the keys to a thriving business and gaining a following.


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The first time I saw Lindsay Dragan perform was behind a drum kit with The Sky Captains of Industry and I knew right away that she was a great drummer and singer. I had no idea how amazing she is as a singer/songwriter and perfomer until I saw her do a solo acoustic set.This set is truly Fabulous and will certainly make the cut for "The Best of The Path Cafe" show on Friggin Fabulous Radio!

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Jim Petrie Live At Path Cafe, NYC, 10/17/13

Jim Petrie is one of the amazing regular performers at Path Cafe, NYC. Listeners get lost in his bluesy, folky, funky brand of Americana. His songs invoke images of diverse and wonderful landscapes and tell the stories of sea captains, lovers and hitch hikers.

Check out his Reverb Nation page:

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Snippets from interviews conducted by Nick Ciavatta.

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This time I interviewed the super talented singer/songwriter Peter Doran, from the fair city of Dublin, Ireland. Peter plays "soulful and seductive folk-pop" according to Cyber PR, and I have to agree. If you like Jeff Buckley, Fionn Regan and David Gray, you're sure to love the music of Peter Doran!

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I sat down with my good friends from Condo and we had an amazing discussion over a few beers at Fontanas. Part 1 of 2.
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Part 2 of the "Condo" interview.
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Mr. Boyd weaves a colorful musical tapestry that includes many styles. I was fortunate enough to interview him at Old Town Bar in Manhattan.
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It was my distinct pleasure to interview Aaron Redner from Hot Buttered Rum by phone from their "Well Oiled Machine."
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Interview with the funkalicious Pimps of Joy Time from Brooklyn USA.
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Excellent interview with "The Break and Repair Method"-aka Paul Doucette from Matchbox 20. The album drops on 9/16/08.
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Interview With Mike Robertson from Mason Dixon @ Maxwells in Hoboken on 8/30/07
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No interviews, just a great mix of music from Josh Rouse, Tom E. Morgan, Massive Attack, Sonic Youth, etc...
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John Wilkey has a truly unique view of things, and is a great singer and songwriter to boot. We used to work together at WHTG and he is a very good friend. My Space:
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These guys are good freinds of mine and are fantastic live. Check them out at
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This interview with the great Joe Franklin- "King of Nostalgia" is one of the high points of my entire life. I've worked with him for several years and he is The King!
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Carmen is an amazingly talented guitarist/singer/songwriter based in Philly. Check out her new album, "Soulution."
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My interview with "Big Bus Dream" was a real pleasure. These guys are truly unique. Check them out at:
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I'm proud to say that I had a chat with Eef Barzely from the band Clem Snide. He just toured with Ben Folds and has a new solo album, "Bitter Honey." Check it out!
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Jeremiah Lockwood got his start playing in the NYC subway as a child and is now one of the most creative artists around. Check him out at
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Jen Chapin is so very talented (and not just because she is Harry Chapin's daughter). Go the her website and buy her new CD "Ready"-You'll be glad you did!!
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Chris Mckenna is a tremendously talented musician/songwriter and a very good friend. Check out his new album: "Apollo Dreams The Future" at
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Tom E. Morgan is an incredibly talented singer/producer from Park Slope, Brooklyn. His new CD "Tell Me What You Want" drops in the fall. Check him out at:
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