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Chris Kriby Interview - 12/09/09 Chris Kirby's new album "Vampire Hotel" deliciously blends Blues, R&B, Funk,Soul and more, and the lyrics are Fabulous too! No wonder he's been nominated for 4 East Coast Music Awards. You definitely want to check this one out!
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Don Mthison Interviews Nick Ciavatta about Beer! Don Mathison interviews Nick Ciavatta from Friggin Fabuous Radio for Intel Radio/New York Magazine. They discuss the basics of "Craft Beer" and where you can find the best beer in New York City.
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It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with Jennings at the Blind Tiger in NYC,  and talk about her expansive sound featuring piano, her amazing voice and a hint of electronica. Her music reflects an enormous strength and drive that is uniquely hers.
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I sat down with Steve Seva from New Hippie Mafia at Clancy's Tavern in Neptune, NJ. These guys are from Hawaii and the Jersey Shore, and they will make your big toe rip right through your shoe!
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I sat down with my good friends from Condo and we had an amazing discussion over a few beers at Fontanas. Part 1 of 2.
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Part 2 of the "Condo" interview.
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Mr. Boyd weaves a colorful musical tapestry that includes many styles. I was fortunate enough to interview him at Old Town Bar in Manhattan.
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