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Those Sensible Shoes Live at Caffe Vivaldi-2/715

Those Sensible Shoes are a folk duo from NYC. Rachel Stern and Anthony Mulcahy joined forces in the summer of 2014 and have since been co-writing songs. The project has seen the pair perform all over New York City, New Jersey, and in Ireland. They are currently working on their first record, June which will be out soon!

It was an honor to have them perform at Caffe Vivaldi back in February.


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Suzy Brandtastic, aka Susan Newman, had a really nice radio chat with Nick Ciavatta, Voice Actor, Promoter and Musician on her radio show recently. They talked about the Voice Over business, how to get work in that industry, Nick's band, Sea of Otters and more.

Susan Newman is a brand visibility designer, web specialist and environmentalist. She is the CEO and founder of Susan Newman Design, Inc and Frogs Are Green, Inc. Susan is the host of Suzy Brandtastic and believes that branding and consistency are the keys to a thriving business and gaining a following.


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