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Lovisa Stahl Interview-12/3/13

I first met Lovisa Stahl at Path Cafe, NYC, where I was blown away by her amazing voice and solid guitar chops. I did a Skype interview with Lovisa, who is from Sweeden and it was an absolute pleasure!

Her music is a mix of blues, country, soul, folk and bossanova.
In the world, and all it contains, is where all her songs will be found…

Her new album, #2 is an eclectic mix of Fabulousness! Pick it up at iTunes, Band Camp, etc. and check out her new video:

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The first time I saw Lindsay Dragan perform was behind a drum kit with The Sky Captains of Industry and I knew right away that she was a great drummer and singer. I had no idea how amazing she is as a singer/songwriter and perfomer until I saw her do a solo acoustic set.This set is truly Fabulous and will certainly make the cut for "The Best of The Path Cafe" show on Friggin Fabulous Radio!

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Jim Petrie Live At Path Cafe, NYC, 10/17/13

Jim Petrie is one of the amazing regular performers at Path Cafe, NYC. Listeners get lost in his bluesy, folky, funky brand of Americana. His songs invoke images of diverse and wonderful landscapes and tell the stories of sea captains, lovers and hitch hikers.

Check out his Reverb Nation page:

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Local Licks Live From The Stone Pony Featuring Sea of Otters Circa 1993!

Sea of Otters live at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, Circa 1993! It was part of the "Local Licks Live" series created by Matt Pinfield at WHTG/FM106.3

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Dan & Leslie Lipton Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 9/21/13

Dan Lipton mixes pretty jazz chords with an almost Country/Western twangy vocal style and his wife, Leslie, who usually joins him on stage has an angelic voice!Their harmonies and Fabulous and they are an amazing couple on and off the stage. They blew the room away at Path Cafe, NYC, recently and I'm hoping they'll be back very soon!

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James Margolis Live From Path Cafe, NYC-8/27/13

When I first heard about James Margolis I figured that he would be a solid, creative performer, but once I opened up the mic pot for him at Path Cafe I was blown away! His deep, soulful voice, incredible guitar style and sublime song writing style had me hooked!

James does a fabulous and varied set including his own tunes and those of other super talented NYC singer/songwriters such as Niall Connolly, EW Harris, Ryan Morgan, Casey Black and more!

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Friggin Fabulous Femme Fatales-America's Sweetheart!

We had a blast in Friggin Fabulous Studios one night in July 2013 when America's Sweetheart and Patchwork Alchemy stopped by! It was our first live edition of "Friggin Fabulous Femme Fatales" featuring some of the best female Singer/Songwriters, Front Women and All Girl Bands! America's Sweetheart rocked the house with their eclectic mix of Funk, Punk and Rock!

Also check out Part 2 with the amazing duo, Pathchwork Alchemy from the same show!

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Twiddlin' Thumbs Live At Path Cafe, 7/9/13

Twiddlin' Thumbs is a folky, twangy and wonderful husband and wife duo that I met at the Friggin Fabulous Open Mic a few months back. They are great singers and pickers and proove that Bluegrass and Folk are alive and well in Jersey City! 

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Mike Doughty Interview-Yes and Also Yes!

Nick Ciavatta's Friggin Fabulous interview with Mike Doughty, who talks about his album "Yes and Also Yes", his days with Soul Coughing, the unconventional use of an anti-depresent capsule on his recordings and much more!

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Friggin Fabulous Radio Live With Niall Connolly-Part 2-5/21/13

Part 2 of of Friggin Fabulous Radio Live From 5/21/13 featuring International Folk Hero, Niall Connolly!

Niall is a huge supporter of talented singer/songwriters and musicians in the New York City music scene and hosts an amazing open mic at Path Cafe, NYC every Thursday.

His new album, "Sound" has been on auto repeat on my iDevice for some days now!

*We'll also have lots of music from the likes of Mike Doughty, Ryan Morgan, Terry Haman, Malcolm Marsden, MJ Cyr, Jessi Robertson, Sea of Otters and many more and a call in segment!

You don't want to miss this one!

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Friggin Fabulous Radio Live With Niall Connolly-Part1-5/21/13

It's time for some live Friggin Fabulous Radio and this time around we had one of the best singer/songwriters alive today playing live on the show-International Folk Hero, Niall Connolly!

Niall is a huge supporter of talented singer/songwriters and musicians in the New York City music scene and hosts an amazing open mic at Path Cafe, NYC every Thursday.

His new album, "Sound" has been on auto repeat on my iDevice for some days now!

This show also features lots of music from the likes of Mike Doughty, Ryan Morgan, Terry Haman, Malcolm Marsden, MJ Cyr, Jessi Robertson, Sea of Otters and many more!

You don't want to miss this one!

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Dogs On Main Street Live From Path Cafe, NYC 12/15/12

I fell in love with the songs of Dogs on Main Street while doing sound at Path Cafe, NYC, and recently had the pleasure to play at Ceol in Brooklyn with Mac Rowe. If you like Nebraska era Bruce Springsteen, Bill Janovitz, The Gaslight Anthem and Bob Dylan, you're going also going to fall in love with Dogs on Main Street. Like Dogs on Facebook:

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Every once in a while I suffer from a syndrome called "Amazed Ears" and it happens when I hear music that reaches in and pulls my soul out through my throat, so to speak. MJ Cyr's set from Path Cafe was one of those times.

MJ Cyr is an amazing singer/songwriter/composer/performer from Toronto, Canada.

Please check out and buy her music at:

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Friggin Fabulous Radio Live 4/2/13

Friggin Fabulous Radio Live featuring EPIC performances by Justin Purtill,

The Working Effective and Trash Executioner! 

This is quite the eclectic mix of live performers and pre-recorded musicians.

Stay tuned for more Live Mayhem this Spring and Summer!

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Anthony Mulcahy's live set at Path Cafe, NYC, was truly one of the best performances I've ever seen at Path.

Muchay is currently touring Ireland promotoing his new album "for my sins." 

I recommend purchasing it from iTunes asap!

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Justin Purtill has been an active member of the creative music
scene for over ten years. He has performed,recorded, and toured with the likes of Gary Burton, Marco Benevento, 
Jerry Bergonzi, Hal Crook, George Garzone, Leo Genovese, Brian Godchaux, Donna Jean Godchaux and more!
Justin has released three CD's of improvisational singer-songwriter music
entitled "Permanent Mystery", "Raw", and "Sore Eyes for Sight" on AYVA Records.
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Friggin Fabulous Radio Show #2 With Malcolm Marsden, Kelly St. Patrick and Matt McNickle-021913

FF Radio Live Show #2 featuring live sets and interviews from Malcolm Marsden, Kelly St. Patrick and Matt McNickle! Stay Tuned!

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Friggin Fabulsou Radio-Part 2 of Show #1 Featuring live performances by Vice Della Pello, Gerald Lucas, P@Atomic, Nick Ciavatta and more!

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It's the first official LIVE Friggin Fabulous Radio show.

FF Radio has  been a pre-recorded show and podcast for over 12 years, but now we're live, Baby! 

Show #1 features live music sets from Gerald Lucas, Vic Della Pello, P@Atomic and Nick Ciavatta.It also features an interview with Trish Szymanski from Uptown Crew and Fabulous Uptown Music, Music from Mike Doughty, Jen Chapin and More!

Download the Friggin Fabulous Radio App for Android and Kindle Fire here:

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