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Jo Kroger Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/28/12

Jo Kroger is not a big fan of writing bios and I quote: "i hate writing bio lines. but i love you."

Jo is actually an amazing singer songwriter from NYC, LA and everywhere in between. She is one of those perfomers that I'm mesmerized by every time I see her play. She is truly an amazing talent. Check it out!

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Malcolm Marsden Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/28/12

Malcolm Marsden has had a long career as a musician, starting in New Haven CT, where he played with former and future members of Rocket From The Tombs, Miracle Legion, and Dumptruck. He is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, who performs his original compositions solo, and rarely-heard songs from a broad folk-rooted pop and rock repertoire in a trio called In The Dreamlife.


Malcolm has been active in promoting North Jersey's music scene, hosting open mics at Hat City Kitchen in Orange and Highland Place Bar & Grill in Maplewood, while appearing regularly at many others in the area.  Malcolm has performed in recent months at Tapastry Restaurant in Montclair, PATH Cafe and Gizzis Cafe in the West Village, NY, and Boca Grande and Lucky 7 Tavern in Jersey City.

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James Dalton Interview-9/7/12

James Dalton, although originally from New Jersey, is very well traveled and he has the well worn passport to prove it.He's played tiny pubs and festivals, clubs like the Bitter End and Stone Pony, and even ships at sail on the Baltic Sea.

In this inteview we talk about everything from his songwriting style to Finnish Santa Clauses and Batman.

His new live album, "Fankonia" is available for download at Band Camp. Check it out!

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