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Gary Van Miert has been a fixture around the North Jersey/NYC Music scene. His band, The Sensational Country Blues Wonders play an eclectic mix of Country Blues, Gospel and Old Time Rock & Roll.

We connected via Skype for a really engaging interview!

Their new album, which includes Gary's original tunes, has been getting lots of attention on various music charts and many spins on radio stations all over the world!

Download and preview the new album "The World Will Break Your Heart" on CD Baby, Band Camp, Spotify, iTunes and wherever you get your fine music!


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Did you know that Jersey City has it's own Shakespeare Theater Troupe? In fact, they are in the middle of a three part performance of Richard II. The final episode airs Sunday, July 19th at 7pm, and all episodes are available for streaming and download here:

I had an engaging conversation with Sean Hagerty about the star studded cast, Radio Plays and Podcasting and how he fell in love with Shakespeare plays.

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Every once in a while, I hear a Hip Hop artist that really excites me. Tra1n is currently that artist!

The adept writing, smooth singing, jazzy, soulful music and his brilliant, bassy delivery make for an amazing mix, and the production is phenomenal!

I was able to have a really intriguing socially-distanced conversation with Tra1n at Friggin Fabulous Studios.

You definitely want to add this one to your iTunes and Spotify play lists!


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Sid Whelan is an enthusiastically and unapologetically old-school and eclectic songwriter, singer, bandleader and guitarist who has earned praise for his well-crafted lyrics and his harmonically rich guitar voicings. He has studied songwriting with Grammy-winning artists Steve Earle and Chely Wright.

He was also lead guitarist with various world music acts including the Lijadu Sisters and later Afroblue. 

I had the honor to master his new album, "Waiting For Payday", and the pleasure to sit down with him for this two part interview!

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I met Mary Solberg five or six years ago in Manhattan's West Village when I was booking Path Cafe and Caffe Vivaldi. I was blown away by her voice and style and booked her as soon as I could and did my first Friggin Fabulous Radio interview with her a few years back.

Her new EP, "Just Enough Time" is a triumphant production featuring many of the people in the NYC Rock and Folk scene. It covers everything from short term relationships to the frustration of text "ghosting."

Mari travels back and forth from her hometown of Oslo, Norway to New York City as often as she can and usually plays a few shows when in the NYC area.

You can find her music on iTunes, Spotify and all the other places you find quality music.

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I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sean Hagarty of Shakespeare@(at)

Artistic Director Sean Hagerty is pleased to announce the inaugural season of Shakespeare@, launching with a production of HAMLET, with performances beginning Thursday, March 28th. Opening is set for Sunday, March 31st at Grace Church Van Vorst (39 Erie Street, Jersey City - a five-minute walk from the Path Train). Directed by Sean Hagerty, HAMLET is set against the stunning architecture of Grace Church Van Vorst, offering a suspenseful reverence, aided by the masterful storytelling of a cast of veteran and rising stars of stage, television and film. Tickets, priced at $25, are available at

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Critically acclaimed author, Gray Basnight is a good friend of mine and a former co-worker in NYC News Radio.

His new novel, "Flight of the Fox" is a fascinating "run for your life" thriller that tells the story of College professor Sam Teagarden, who stumbles upon a decades-old government cover-up when an encoded document mysteriously lands in his in-box, followed by a cluster of mini-drones programmed to kill him. 

Gray and I talk about his writing career, legalization of Marijuana, the current state of affairs throughout the world and more!

Download his "Flight of the Fox" and all his other works here:

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I've been a fan of Sylvana Joyce &The Moment for years now. I booked them at Path Cafe and The Algonquin Seaport Theater in Manhattan a while back and I finally got a chance to play on stage with them at my Birthday Bash at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City on 4/6/18.

I sat down and talked to Sylvana about her new album, Heavy Head, her "Grand" showmanship, songwriting while walking, the current live music scene and lots more.

Check SJ&TM on Spotify, iTunes and anywhere else you find great music!

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I rarely get to interview musicians who's albums I've played on and mastered, so sitting down with Terry Haman was a real thrill!

Terry has been a staple in the Jersey City music scene for many years now, and is one of the most talented singer/songwriters in the NYC/North Jersey region.

I met Terry about 10 years ago when he came to play at my open mic and we quickly became best friends.

He started out as a solo artist, but now has an incredible band with the likes of Ralph Capasso, Josh Mizrucchi and Jeff Sutton.

His new album "Suburbia Drive" is a masterpiece. I suggest downloading from CD Baby as soon as you're done reading this blurb...

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The first time I heard the Sun Berry Tonics I couldn't email them fast enough to get them to play one of my shows.

These young ladies have an immense amount of soul, incredible harmonies, wonderful originals and a command of the standards.

I suggest checking out this Brooklyn duo live whenever possible!


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JC Friday's Play List-Part 3 REVISED:

Jersey City is one of the most culturally diverse and ever ex!panding cities in the country, but did you know that it's home to one of the most amazing original music scenes?

This play list was created for "JC Fridays" a quarterly, city wide, muti-event showcase of local artists, musicians and other creative types and featured some of the most talented song writers and performers in JC.

It's all brought to you by The Bowers Gallery and Art Space at 107 Bowers Street in Jersey City, Art House Productions (among others) and Friggin Fabulous Productions:


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JC Friday's Play List-Part 3:

Jersey City is one of the most culturally diverse and ever expanding cities in the country, but did you know that it's home to one of the most amazing original music scenes?

This play list was created for "JC Fridays" a quarterly, city wide, muti-event showcase of local artists, musicians and other creative types and featured some of the most talented song writers and performers in JC.

It's all brought to you by The Bowers Gallery and Art Space at 107 Bowers Street in Jersey City, Art House Productions (among others) and Friggin Fabulous Productions:


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JC Friday's Play List-Part 2:

Jersey City is one of the most culturally diverse and ever expanding cities in the country, but did you know that it's home to one of the most amazing original music scenes?

This play list was created for "JC Fridays" a quarterly, city wide, muti-event showcase of local artists, musicians and other creative types and featured some of the most talented song writers and performers in JC.

It's all brought to you by The Bowers Gallery and Art Space at 107 Bowers Street in Jersey City, Art House Productions (among others) and Friggin Fabulous Productions:


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Jersey City is one of the most culturally diverse and ever expanding cities in the country, but did you know that it's home to one of the most amazing original music scenes?

This play list was created for "JC Fridays" a quarterly, city wide, muti-event showcase of local artists, musicians and other creative types and featured some of the most talented song writers and performers in JC.

It's all brought to you by The Bowers Gallery and Art Space at 107 Bowers Street in Jersey City, Art House Productions (among others) and Friggin Fabulous Productions:



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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Oslo, Norway native, Mari Solberg at Friggin Fabulous Studios recently to talk about her Gorgeous new EP, "Do It Again." 


Mari's haunting melodies and angelic voice along with her thoughtful lyrics make this EP something really special. I've seen her several times live and her performances are mesmerizing!



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Francis Falls Live From Caffe Vivaldi-4/23/16

I had the honor of introducing this super talented dude as "Francis Falls" for the first time at the Friggin Fabulous Brunch Showcase at Caffe Vivaldi.

His hauntingly beautiful songs tend to get stuck in your head (in a very good way).

Mississippi Cotten also did a couple of songs during this set, which was an unexpected treat!

*Download the Friggin Fabulous Radio app in The Amazon App Store!

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Nicole Bozzuto is an amazing singer/songwriter happily entrenched in the NYC and North Jersey Original Music Scene, when she's not on the road, that is!

Many of her superbly crafted original songs are about the road and the many people and places she's encountered along the way.

She's played Caffe Vivaldi many times and this is truly one of her best sets!

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Ben Grayson is one of the most talented, young singer/songwriters in the NYC Folk and Rock scene.

His album "Mary Whispers Grace" is a collection of thoughtful and wonderfully arranged songs.

I sat down recently with Ben in Winston Churchill Park in the West Village of Manhattan to talk about his music and lots of other stuff.

Ben can be seen performing at venues such as Caffe Vivaldi in NYC and always puts on an incredibly engaging show!

You can download his music from CD Baby, iTunes, Band Camp, Spotify and more:


*And a big shout out to Cat Valero who helped out with the production!

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Those Sensible Shoes are Anthony Mulcahy and Rachel Stern.  They formed in the summer of 2014 after meeting at a Big City Folk event and started writing and performing together soon thereafter. Beginning with a cover of Bloodbuzz Ohio by the National, recorded in the backroom of a Brooklyn bar, they soon moved on to writing their own original music. They experiment with intricate harmonies and unique lyrics, inspired by their own distinctive backgrounds. The concept of a duo is key to Those Sensible Shoes, and their music emphasizes the beauty of two voices together.

Rachel (vocals) is from New York City and has been writing and performing for a couple of years. She grew up listening to the Band, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, which formed her musical sense from an early age. Untrained but always singing since age 4, Stern has cultivated a unique vocal sound that she brings to Those Sensible Shoes. She has been heavily influenced in her own songwriting by Laura Marling, Nick Drake, and the Milk Carton Kids. Stern's lyrics and voice are the backbone to the band.

Anthony (guitar & vocals) is from Waterford, Ireland and has been writing and performing all over Ireland, the UK and the US for 12+ years.  With 2 solo albums (Lazy Days (2010), For My Sins (2013)) under his belt to date this is his first band release. He has been most influenced by David Gray and Glen Hansard, who he had the pleasure of performing with in the past. He has also performed with Mundy, Mark Geary, David Wax Museum and many more. Mulcahy brings his musical experience, deft guitar playing and soulful vocals to the band, completing the unique duo.

Those Sensible Shoes perform all over New York City as well as performing at music festivals in Ireland.  Their debut self-titled album released on October 1st 2015 has already had radio play in Ireland.

It was a pleasure to sit down and interview Rachel and Anthony in the comfort of Anthony's car, parked in front of Caffe Vivaldi in the West Village of Manhattan.


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Those Sensible Shoes Live at Caffe Vivaldi-2/715

Those Sensible Shoes are a folk duo from NYC. Rachel Stern and Anthony Mulcahy joined forces in the summer of 2014 and have since been co-writing songs. The project has seen the pair perform all over New York City, New Jersey, and in Ireland. They are currently working on their first record, June which will be out soon!

It was an honor to have them perform at Caffe Vivaldi back in February.


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John Lundbom  & Big 5 Chord Interview-3/8/15

Jon Lundbom is one of the best and most interesting guitarists and arrangers I know! His band Big 5 Chord is a cornucopia of hauntingly beautiful Jazz.

If you like John Clotrane, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman and the like, you're going to love Big 5 Chord's new album, "Jeremiah!"

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Paul Fairall Live at Caffe Vivaldi, NYC-11/10/14

I met Paul Fairall at The Red Lion on Bleecker street a few years back when we were on a bill together and I've been a huge fan ever since! He played some great shows for me at Path Cafe over the years and it was an honor to have him on the bill at the inaugural Friggin Fabulous Brunch show at Caffe Vivaldi!

He writes songs with his wife, Linda Danz, author of "A Birdhouse In Brooklyn" which is another great segment you can check out at Friggin Fabulous Radio Dot Com.

Download the Friggin Fabulous Radio app in the Amazon App Store or at Podcast Box for iPhone and iPad.


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Award winning NPR reporter, Carole Zimmer, sat down to interview Linda Danz, author of "A Birdhouse In Brooklyn" for Friggin Fabulous Radio. Carole and Linda discuss Linda's novel, which takes place in the aftermath of the events of September 11, 2001, and is a story of the lives of disparate people brought together by circumstance.

They also talk about the book publishing industry, how to self publish, age discrimination, how to re-invent yourself and more!


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I sat down with Helene Stapinski, author of "Five Finger Discount, A Crooked Family History" at Word Booksellers, 123 Newark Avenue in downtown Jersey City. I read "Five Finger Discount" a while back and wanted to read it again as soon as I was done.

It chronicles her experiences with her family growing up in a gritty Jersey City in the early 1970's as well as the political corruption over the years and lots of other history.

Helene is also raising money for a documentary version of the book. The Kickstarter campaign is over, but you can still contribute here:

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ArtMGt helps consumers and businesses rent and purchase more than 700 original works of art. Founded by New York City artist, David Andrew Frey, the NYC-based company is reinventing the way we shop for art by bringing highly curated artworks straight to users’ computer 

I sat down with David Andrew Frey of ArtMGt for what turned in to a fascinating discussion about this innovative concept.

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I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Andrew Foys, vocalist and guitarist from the band, Tapebenders, and it turns out that we are both extemely "Audio Obsessed!"

"The Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based 6 piece forges a distinct sound from a variety of sources, ranging from majestic progressive rock, classic and contemporary psychedelic, bluesy riff-rock, textured modern rock, concise pop, indie rock, metal, and shards of shoegaze and post-rock. Since the band embraces such a panoramic stylistic perspective, the group has garnered favorable comparisons to such diverse artists as The Replacements, The Dandy Warhols, The Stone Roses, Built to Spill, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Flaming Lips among others."

Check out their new album, "Chasing Ghosts", and make sure to check out Cyber PR, who has many amazing bands in their stable:

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Michael Lally Interview Part 2-10/9/14

Part 2 of the Michael Lally Interview.

I recently seat down with award winning poet, actor, musician and consummate wise ass, Michael Lally, and we chatted about his storied acting and writing career, screenplays, Hollywood, the internet, his album "Lost Angels" and a whole lot more!

You can check out his blog, "Lally's Alley" here:

*And you can purchase "Lost Angels" at CD Baby.

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Summer Dawn Hortillosa about her new one woman show which opens  this Thursday, August 21st. Here's more info:


68 Productions and Jersey City Theater Center present “So What If I Loved You” (SWIILY, for short), a multimedia one-woman show written by and starring Summer Dawn Hortillosa. In the play, a young woman is haunted by memories of a lost lover. Unable to sleep, she remembers various incarnations of this man through two monologues, an original song and films by Alex Pergament and DeukYun Hwang.

The entire piece is this woman’s descent from tortured wakefulness into slumber and into a dream. It is about a love that is both good and bad, dead and alive. If you’ve ever loved someone you knew you shouldn’t, or missed someone so much that it kept you up night after night, this play is for you.

Original song, "Lions" by Wordsmith & Hammer and performed by Summer Dawn Hortilossa and Luke Koty.


The play makes its world premiere from August 21 to 24 this summer at Jersey City Theater Center‘s Merseles Studios, 339-345 Newark Ave., Jersey City. Shows are August 21-23 at 8 p.m., August 24 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door.


Purchase tickets here:

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Michael Lally Interview-Part 1-8/17/14

I recently seat down with award winning poet, actor, musician and consummate wise ass, Michael Lally, and we chatted about his storied poetry and acting career, NYC, LA, his work on Law & Order, Jag, NYPD Blue, LA Law, Deadwood, his album "Lost Angels" and a whole lot more.

You can check out his blog, "Lally's Alley" here:

Part 2 coming soon!

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"A native of Washington D.C., Ben came to New York in 2011 and has been a regular at the Path Cafe ever since. For him, the song always comes first."

Ben is truly one of the most talented Singer/Songwriters to grace the Path Cafe stage and we hope he keeps coming back!

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The Sensational Country Blues Wonders Interview-070714
This is not your father’s blues – it’s more like your grandfather’s…if your grandfather was a preacher in a Mississippi Baptist church.
"The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!" are a working band. Since their inception in late 2012 they've been plenty busy. In 2013 they played over 50 shows, a nice number considering that Gary Van Miert (acoustic guitar & vocals) and Malcolm Marsden (electric guitar) both have day jobs.
They have mass appeal and have thrilled both young and old at their many outdoor and club gigs.
Please like them on Facebook!
*The Wonders will be playing with Sea of Otters on August 15th, 2014 at Live at the Lumber Yard in Jersesy City!
Check out Friggin Fabulous Radio for more details!
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Justin Layman Live From Path Cafe, NYC 6/29/14

Justin Layman is a Singer/Songwriter from Sarasota Florida. He plays guitar and performs a unique style of music combining Folk, Rock, and R&B. Justin has been performing since 2004 in original bands as well as cover bands all around the state of Florida. He has Recorded three albums ("Almost There," "02 03 Ten," & "You Shouldn't Look Like That") and has collaborated with Sara Nelms on songs like "My Own Way," and "When We Dance". Justin moved to Brooklyn, NY December of 2013. You can see where he is playing next on the "Justin Layman" App available FREE or at

He played an amazing set at Path Cafe for the Friggin Fabulous Showcase which happens every Tuesday at 7pm:



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Sterling Rhyne Live From Path Cafe, NYC,  2/15/14

Sometimes you happen to be in the right place at the right time and when that happens it's great to have and audio recording device with you. February 15, 2014 at Path Cafe, NYC, was one of those times for me because I got to do sound for and record Sterling Ryhne who's style and voice is up there with the best of the best.

If you like Macy Gray, Phoebe Snow and Amy Winehouse you're really going to dig this unforgetable set from Sterling Ryhne!

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Gerald Lucas Interview-2/13/14

Gerald Lucas is a best-selling author, accomplished musician and singer-songwriter who has performed at both Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  Gerald is a classical violinist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, founding member of ‘rhythm rock’ band, Mutagenic ( as well as Funk-Fusion band, GMJ Groove.

I've had the pleasure of working with Gerald as a music promoter, band mate and more and he's one of my best friends! His new book, "Dare To Succeed" (co-written with Jack Canfield) is a must read for any entrepreneur, artist or otherwise inspired and driven individual.

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Publio Delgado Live at Path Cafe, NYC, 1/11/14

I recently hosted a show at Path Cafe, NYC, where the music is always to notch, but someting extraordinary happened recently. Publio Delgado took the stage and started playing the guitar-wait, not just playing the guitar, more like melding with the guitar. His style is truly unique and truly awesome (in the real sense of that word). It was perhaps the first time every single person in the room was fixed or transfixed on Publio's guitar and hands. No one was talking or texting.

It was a truly amazing set and here it is!

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Lovisa Stahl Interview-12/3/13

I first met Lovisa Stahl at Path Cafe, NYC, where I was blown away by her amazing voice and solid guitar chops. I did a Skype interview with Lovisa, who is from Sweeden and it was an absolute pleasure!

Her music is a mix of blues, country, soul, folk and bossanova.
In the world, and all it contains, is where all her songs will be found…

Her new album, #2 is an eclectic mix of Fabulousness! Pick it up at iTunes, Band Camp, etc. and check out her new video:

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Local Licks Live From The Stone Pony Featuring Sea of Otters Circa 1993!

Sea of Otters live at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ, Circa 1993! It was part of the "Local Licks Live" series created by Matt Pinfield at WHTG/FM106.3

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Dan & Leslie Lipton Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 9/21/13

Dan Lipton mixes pretty jazz chords with an almost Country/Western twangy vocal style and his wife, Leslie, who usually joins him on stage has an angelic voice!Their harmonies and Fabulous and they are an amazing couple on and off the stage. They blew the room away at Path Cafe, NYC, recently and I'm hoping they'll be back very soon!

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James Margolis Live From Path Cafe, NYC-8/27/13

When I first heard about James Margolis I figured that he would be a solid, creative performer, but once I opened up the mic pot for him at Path Cafe I was blown away! His deep, soulful voice, incredible guitar style and sublime song writing style had me hooked!

James does a fabulous and varied set including his own tunes and those of other super talented NYC singer/songwriters such as Niall Connolly, EW Harris, Ryan Morgan, Casey Black and more!

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Friggin Fabulous Femme Fatales-America's Sweetheart!

We had a blast in Friggin Fabulous Studios one night in July 2013 when America's Sweetheart and Patchwork Alchemy stopped by! It was our first live edition of "Friggin Fabulous Femme Fatales" featuring some of the best female Singer/Songwriters, Front Women and All Girl Bands! America's Sweetheart rocked the house with their eclectic mix of Funk, Punk and Rock!

Also check out Part 2 with the amazing duo, Pathchwork Alchemy from the same show!

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Twiddlin' Thumbs Live At Path Cafe, 7/9/13

Twiddlin' Thumbs is a folky, twangy and wonderful husband and wife duo that I met at the Friggin Fabulous Open Mic a few months back. They are great singers and pickers and proove that Bluegrass and Folk are alive and well in Jersey City! 

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Mike Doughty Interview-Yes and Also Yes!

Nick Ciavatta's Friggin Fabulous interview with Mike Doughty, who talks about his album "Yes and Also Yes", his days with Soul Coughing, the unconventional use of an anti-depresent capsule on his recordings and much more!

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Friggin Fabulous Radio Live With Niall Connolly-Part 2-5/21/13

Part 2 of of Friggin Fabulous Radio Live From 5/21/13 featuring International Folk Hero, Niall Connolly!

Niall is a huge supporter of talented singer/songwriters and musicians in the New York City music scene and hosts an amazing open mic at Path Cafe, NYC every Thursday.

His new album, "Sound" has been on auto repeat on my iDevice for some days now!

*We'll also have lots of music from the likes of Mike Doughty, Ryan Morgan, Terry Haman, Malcolm Marsden, MJ Cyr, Jessi Robertson, Sea of Otters and many more and a call in segment!

You don't want to miss this one!

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Friggin Fabulous Radio Live With Niall Connolly-Part1-5/21/13

It's time for some live Friggin Fabulous Radio and this time around we had one of the best singer/songwriters alive today playing live on the show-International Folk Hero, Niall Connolly!

Niall is a huge supporter of talented singer/songwriters and musicians in the New York City music scene and hosts an amazing open mic at Path Cafe, NYC every Thursday.

His new album, "Sound" has been on auto repeat on my iDevice for some days now!

This show also features lots of music from the likes of Mike Doughty, Ryan Morgan, Terry Haman, Malcolm Marsden, MJ Cyr, Jessi Robertson, Sea of Otters and many more!

You don't want to miss this one!

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Dogs On Main Street Live From Path Cafe, NYC 12/15/12

I fell in love with the songs of Dogs on Main Street while doing sound at Path Cafe, NYC, and recently had the pleasure to play at Ceol in Brooklyn with Mac Rowe. If you like Nebraska era Bruce Springsteen, Bill Janovitz, The Gaslight Anthem and Bob Dylan, you're going also going to fall in love with Dogs on Main Street. Like Dogs on Facebook:

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Every once in a while I suffer from a syndrome called "Amazed Ears" and it happens when I hear music that reaches in and pulls my soul out through my throat, so to speak. MJ Cyr's set from Path Cafe was one of those times.

MJ Cyr is an amazing singer/songwriter/composer/performer from Toronto, Canada.

Please check out and buy her music at:

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Friggin Fabulous Radio Live 4/2/13

Friggin Fabulous Radio Live featuring EPIC performances by Justin Purtill,

The Working Effective and Trash Executioner! 

This is quite the eclectic mix of live performers and pre-recorded musicians.

Stay tuned for more Live Mayhem this Spring and Summer!

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Anthony Mulcahy's live set at Path Cafe, NYC, was truly one of the best performances I've ever seen at Path.

Muchay is currently touring Ireland promotoing his new album "for my sins." 

I recommend purchasing it from iTunes asap!

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Justin Purtill has been an active member of the creative music
scene for over ten years. He has performed,recorded, and toured with the likes of Gary Burton, Marco Benevento, 
Jerry Bergonzi, Hal Crook, George Garzone, Leo Genovese, Brian Godchaux, Donna Jean Godchaux and more!
Justin has released three CD's of improvisational singer-songwriter music
entitled "Permanent Mystery", "Raw", and "Sore Eyes for Sight" on AYVA Records.
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Friggin Fabulous Radio Show #2 With Malcolm Marsden, Kelly St. Patrick and Matt McNickle-021913

FF Radio Live Show #2 featuring live sets and interviews from Malcolm Marsden, Kelly St. Patrick and Matt McNickle! Stay Tuned!

Direct download: FF_Radio-Show2-Final-021913.mp3
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Friggin Fabulsou Radio-Part 2 of Show #1 Featuring live performances by Vice Della Pello, Gerald Lucas, P@Atomic, Nick Ciavatta and more!

Direct download: FF_Radio_ShowPart2-011513.mp3
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It's the first official LIVE Friggin Fabulous Radio show.

FF Radio has  been a pre-recorded show and podcast for over 12 years, but now we're live, Baby! 

Show #1 features live music sets from Gerald Lucas, Vic Della Pello, P@Atomic and Nick Ciavatta.It also features an interview with Trish Szymanski from Uptown Crew and Fabulous Uptown Music, Music from Mike Doughty, Jen Chapin and More!

Download the Friggin Fabulous Radio App for Android and Kindle Fire here:

Direct download: FF_Radio_Show--Part1-011513.mp3
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Jasper Lewis Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 10/9/12

Jasper Lewis performed an amazing set as part of the Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe, NYC, on 10/9/12.

Jasper's new album, "The King of Ideas and the Weirdo Kid" just came out and it's incredible!

E. W. Harris recorded and mixed it at Scifidelity in Brooklyn, and it was mastered at Friggin Fabulous Studios:

Jasper's album can be downloaded at CD Baby:

Direct download: Path_Cafe-Jasper_Lewis_FINAL-100912.mp3
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Derek Webb Interview-11/30/12

This is truly one of the most fascinating interviews I've ever had the pleasure to host. Derek Webb tackles one of the topics that many of us have been thinking about lately-the human/technology relationship and all the pros and cons and craziness that goes along with said relationship.

On Ctrl, Webb places his acoustic axe in the service of his most ambitious project to date. It tells the tale of an unnamed character that melts the lines of physical and virtual realities until it's hard to tell man from machine, the digits from the DNA.

Here's how Webb explains it: "It's an album about one man's desire for something he cannot have because it isn't real, the journey he goes on pursuing it, and the costs of that journey. But essentially, 'Ctrl' is both personal autopsy and cultural observation about how we use technology to try and control our lives, and my concern that it could ultimately have more control of us."

Download the album and get more info here:

Direct download: Derek_Webb-Final-113012.mp3
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Nick Ciavatta Live From The Brightside Tavern, 10/11/12

Nick Ciavatta doing a short solo set live from The Brightside Tavern in Jersey City. Ciavatta fronts the super happy fun time band, Sea of Otters, who have been playing around the New Jersey and NYC area for quite some time now.

Ciavatta is also the Executive Producer of Friggin Fabulous Radio, which can be found on the web at and as a podcast on iTunes and an Android and Kindle Fire App in the Amzon App Store.

Direct download: Nick_Ciavatta-Brightside_Tavern-101112.mp3
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Jo Kroger Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/28/12

Jo Kroger is not a big fan of writing bios and I quote: "i hate writing bio lines. but i love you."

Jo is actually an amazing singer songwriter from NYC, LA and everywhere in between. She is one of those perfomers that I'm mesmerized by every time I see her play. She is truly an amazing talent. Check it out!

Direct download: Path_Cafe-Jo_Kroger-Final.mp3
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Malcolm Marsden Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/28/12

Malcolm Marsden has had a long career as a musician, starting in New Haven CT, where he played with former and future members of Rocket From The Tombs, Miracle Legion, and Dumptruck. He is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, who performs his original compositions solo, and rarely-heard songs from a broad folk-rooted pop and rock repertoire in a trio called In The Dreamlife.


Malcolm has been active in promoting North Jersey's music scene, hosting open mics at Hat City Kitchen in Orange and Highland Place Bar & Grill in Maplewood, while appearing regularly at many others in the area.  Malcolm has performed in recent months at Tapastry Restaurant in Montclair, PATH Cafe and Gizzis Cafe in the West Village, NY, and Boca Grande and Lucky 7 Tavern in Jersey City.

Direct download: Path_Cafe-Malcolm_Marsden-Final-092412.mp3
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James Dalton Interview-9/7/12

James Dalton, although originally from New Jersey, is very well traveled and he has the well worn passport to prove it.He's played tiny pubs and festivals, clubs like the Bitter End and Stone Pony, and even ships at sail on the Baltic Sea.

In this inteview we talk about everything from his songwriting style to Finnish Santa Clauses and Batman.

His new live album, "Fankonia" is available for download at Band Camp. Check it out!

Direct download: James_Dalton-Final-090612.mp3
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Randy Burns Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/28/12

In 1966, Randy Burns was dropped off on the corner of Bleecker and MacDougal Street, with a bag over his shoulder and a guitar in his hand…ready for anything  Randy had gotten his start a year earlier at The Exit Coffeehouse in New Haven, Connecticut but soon left to join the Urban Folk Revival in Greenwich Village.

It was an honor to have Randy play the Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe, NYC!

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Terry Haman Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/14/12

Terry Haman is one of my favorite singer/songwriters in the NYC Area. He is one of the few performers that I consider truly original.Terry is always writing and always giging somewhere in the NYC/North Jersey area. Enjoy this live set from the Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe, NYC, which happens every second and fourth Tuesday at 7pm.

Direct download: Path_Cafe-Terry_Haman-EDIT-081412.mp3
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Gerald Lucas at Path Cafe, NYC, 7/24/12

Gerald Lucas is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, violin and has an amazing voice.

His songs are so well crafted and truly original. He's currently in the studio working on a new EP.

Direct download: Path_Cafe-Gerald_Lucas-072412.mp3
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Justin Storer and Sarah Mitchell Live From Path Cafe, 7/24/12

Justin Storer & Sarah Mitchell perfoming live at the Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe, NYC on 7/24/12. It happens every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month!

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The gregarious and nefarious P@Atomic is at it again. This time live from the Boca Grande Open Mic in Jersey City, which happens every Wednesday night. P@Atomic, aka, Pat Lally is also a member of the flamboyantly fabulous band, Sea of Otters!

Direct download: PAtomic-Boca-071112.mp3
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Don Paris Schlotman Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 6/26/12

Don Paris Schlotman is well known for his biting bass lines and sometimes spacey vocals with The Sky Captains of Industry, but Don is quite the acomplished singer/songwriter and he lit up the stage at The Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe recently. Here is his scintilating solo set in it's entirety!

Direct download: Don_Paris_Schlotman-062612.mp3
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I sat down with Ryan Morgan, one of my favorite songwriters, at Path Cafe, NYC on a beautiful Spring day in Manhattan.

His new album "Chivalry Is Dead" is phenomenal. His record release party is at Bar 4 in Brooklyn on Friady, May 18th.

Direct download: Ryan_Morgan-Final-051212.mp3
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Rachel Epp Interview-3/21/12

It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with the amazingly talented singer/songwriter, Rachel Epp, at Path Cafe in NYC.

Her songs invoke imagery of ghosts, graveyards, trains, the country and the city. Her new EP Rosary has been on auto play on my iPod all week!

I suggest you get a copy as soon as possible!

Direct download: Rachel_Epp-Final-032112.mp3
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Vic Della Pello Live From Algonquin Seaport Theater, NYC 7/8/11

We had many good shows at Algonquin Seaport Theater and the view was spectacular!

Vic's acoustic show from 7/8/11 was one of the best! Andrea Ceresa joined Vic on stage for some backing vocals. Vic's new album "Broken Heart Tattoo" is outstanding and he plays many of the songs from it as well as some interesting covers from Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles. You can get "Broken Heart Tattoo" as a digital download, CD and LP-how cool is that!

Direct download: Algonquin-Vic_DellaPello-070811-Final.mp3
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"From the get-go, Viola’s new release Electro De Perfecto pulls listeners in with a decidedly hot-rodded version of his acclaimed songwriting. Songs that are gloriously dark and uplifting about being lost in the maze of middle age, hungry for life as the body decays."

That's from Mike's web site:

His new album "Electro De Perfecto" is Fabulous and I had such a great time interviewing him!

Check it out and share it with the world!

Direct download: Mike_Viola-Final-11-27-11.mp3
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Mike Doughty Interview-9/20/11

Nick Ciavatta's Friggin Fabulous interview with Mike Doughty, who talks about his new album "Yes and Also Yes", his days with Soul Coughing and the unconventional use of an anti-depresent capsule on his recordings. Download the new album on Amazon and iTunes!

Direct download: Mike_Doughty-Final-092011.mp3
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I had the distinct pleasure to interview, book and do sound for Jens Jepsen while he was in NYC. Jens is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter from Denmark (and he plays a mean guitar as well). He just toured the tri-state area with Kristian Odegard, who played cajon and sang back up vocals. His album "Walking Between The Sun And The Atmosphere" is a gem, and it was an honor to get to know him.

Direct download: Jens_Jepsen-Final-080711.mp3
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I sat down with Chris Sheard, Lead Vocalist and Guitarist for The Times at Blind Tiger on Bleecker Street in NYC. These Brooklynites mix Ska, Reggae, Funk, well, just about everything and if you don't move your feet to their beats, you probably don't have a pulse!

Direct download: The_Times-Final-031611.mp3
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Lynda McLaughlin and Valerie Gurka are two friends who met at a cover band gig in an Irish bar in New York in 2005. They both share passion for music performance, production, business, media and technology. Their music is hard to clasify because it spans multiple genres. If you like Sade, The Gypsy Kings and Shayna Zaid, you're going to really dig LYVA!

Direct download: LYVA-Final-022411.mp3
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Want to be part of an amazing graphic storytelling experience?
Join John Wilkey & Kickstarter in a quest to publish his debut graphic novel, "RX." Wilkey and I sat down for a little chat about his super duper, action packed graphic novel. The deadline for pledges is 2/23/11- so donate soon!

Direct download: JW-Final-0216.mp3
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Born in Mumbai and raised in Jersey, TINA has been singing and performing since the age of five. She taught Ringo Star how to play Tabla, has appeared on "Jerseylicious" and her new video "So Good", featuring Fat Joe, is a You Tube sensation. This straight A student is a rising star worth following!

Direct download: TINA-Final-012411.mp3
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"White Boy Brown" is poignant and moving film about a black family that adopts a white child. It deals with the subjects of racism, discrimination and redemption. This is one of the few films that has ever moved me to tears.It's part of the African Diaspora International Film Festival being held at St. Paul's Church, 38 Duncan Ave., Jersey City, Saturday and Sunday, January 15th and 16th, 2011.

Direct download: WBB-Final-011510.mp3
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Phoebe Legere is a beautiful and uber talented performer dubbed "The Female Frank Zappa" by Roman Kozack of Billboard Magazine. Her voice is stunning and she plays several instruments. Her live shows are multimedia masterpieces! Phoebe and her quintet are playing at Iridium Jazz Club in NYC on tuesday, January 18th.

Direct download: Phoebe_Legere-Final-011311.mp3
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2010 has been a great year for Friggin Fabulous Radio, and Nick is very thankful for all the amazingly talented artists who did interviews for the podcast. Artists like Niall Connolly, Shayna Zaid and the Catch, Craig Greenberg, Jennings, and the list goes on. Here's to a Friggin Fabulous 2011!

Direct download: FF-Best_of_2010-Part1-Final.mp3
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Niall Connolly Interview Live From Red Lion NYC-11/8/10

I sat down with Brooklyn Based Singer/Songwriter, Niall Connolly at Red Lion on Bleecker Street recently where he talked about his Irish roots, the American Media and 99 Cent Stores in Jersey City. According to his Bio, he recorded his first album in 2001 using money raised by selling his body for medical research, and in 2010 he funded his fourth album, "Brother The Fight Is Fixed" from pre-sales from fans across the globe. It's an honor to have Niall on Friggin Fabulous Radio!

Direct download: Niall_Connolly-FINAL-112710.mp3
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Craig Greenberg is one of my favorite NYC performers and song writers, and I finally got the chance to interview him in front of Cafe Vivaldi in the West Village. His new EP, "Spinning in Time" features his guitar, piano and vocal work and is stuck on reapeat on my iPod. If you like Ben Folds Five, Jackson Browne and Ben Harper, you're going to love this!

Direct download: Craig_Greenberg-Final-111710.mp3
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"Blast us with wind, melt us with acid and set us ablaze. What are we left with? Sitck Figure Guy." That's the quote on J-Punch and Dave Moonshine's new album, "Stick Figure Guy." I f you like Depeche Mode, Moby, Everything But The Girl, you will love these guys. Their amazing lyrics and downtempo beats will blow you away!

Direct download: J-Punch-Final102010.mp3
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Josephine Aneclle Interview-8/25/10

It was a joy to sit down with Josephine Ancelle at the Ariel Puclicity Press Conference a little while back. Her absolutely gorgeous voice, amazing song writing skills, and French and English lyrics are mesmerizing! Check her out on You Tube and My Space!

Direct download: Josephine-Final.mp3
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Big 5 Chord-John Lundbom Interview From Blind Tiger

I spoke with John Lundbom-  jazz guitarist extaordinaire from the band "Big Five Chord" at Blind Tiger Ale House in NYC. We spoke about everything from his roots in Chicago, to the genius of Ornette Coleman, Frank Zappa and Little Feat. Their new album "Accomplish Jazz", is a Jazz  and Fusion extravaganza with some beautiful, beefy compositions.

Direct download: B5C-Final-062610.mp3
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Lauren O'Brien Interview-6/10

I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Lauren O'Brien and Gary Pickard at the Ariel Publicity Press Conference last month. Lauren's new album "Inconsequential Dream" is truly unique and original-a total trip for the soul! If you like Lori Anderson, Henry Rollins, Patti Smith or Rage Against The Machine, you're going to love this!

Direct download: Lauren_O-Final060310.mp3
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Miles Interview-5/11/10

Nick Ciavatta sat down with the multi-talented Mark Plotkin from the band, "Miles", at the Ariel Publicity Press Conference. Recorded in a few different studios, their new album, "As Fast As You Can" combines Pop, Rock, Alternative, Electonica, Alt Rock and touch of hot sauce to make a truly delicious musical stew.

Direct download: Miles-Final051410.mp3
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DEVI Interview - 3/10

Friggin Fabulous Interview with Debra and Keith from the band "DEVI." Debra is one of the best female guitarists and vocalists out there! If you like Joan Jett, Jimi Hendirx, Blondie and Television, you're going to love DEVI!

Direct download: Devi-Final.mp3
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If you love the Grateful Dead, Velvet Underground and The Shins, you're going to love the band Strange Lights! This is the fascinating interview I did with Deb Zazzo and Lonny Roth.

Direct download: Strange_Lights_-_Final.mp3
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Shayna Zaid Interview

My interview with Shayna Zaid & The Catch at Old Town Bar in NYC.

Direct download: Shanyna_Zaid_-_Final022010.mp3
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Interview With Shayna Zaid & The Catch

I was lucky enough to sit down with Shayna Zaid at Old Town Bar in Manhattan! She has an incredible voice and the music is an amalgamation of a few differetnt styles. They are one of the best live bands out there!

Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:56pm EST

Interview with Kelly Lynn, a rising star in the Dance/R&B world. Kelly has the voice, the moves, the talent- you'll have no choice but to jump out of your seat!
Direct download: Kelly_Lynn_-_Final012210.mp3
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Chris Kriby Interview - 12/09/09 Chris Kirby's new album "Vampire Hotel" deliciously blends Blues, R&B, Funk,Soul and more, and the lyrics are Fabulous too! No wonder he's been nominated for 4 East Coast Music Awards. You definitely want to check this one out!
Direct download: FF-Chris_Kirby_Final.mp3
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Don Mthison Interviews Nick Ciavatta about Beer! Don Mathison interviews Nick Ciavatta from Friggin Fabuous Radio for Intel Radio/New York Magazine. They discuss the basics of "Craft Beer" and where you can find the best beer in New York City.
Direct download: Don-Nick-Beer-1109.MP3
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It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with Jennings at the Blind Tiger in NYC,  and talk about her expansive sound featuring piano, her amazing voice and a hint of electronica. Her music reflects an enormous strength and drive that is uniquely hers.
Direct download: JENNINGS-FINAL.mp3
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I sat down with Steve Seva from New Hippie Mafia at Clancy's Tavern in Neptune, NJ. These guys are from Hawaii and the Jersey Shore, and they will make your big toe rip right through your shoe!
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