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Derek Webb Interview-11/30/12

This is truly one of the most fascinating interviews I've ever had the pleasure to host. Derek Webb tackles one of the topics that many of us have been thinking about lately-the human/technology relationship and all the pros and cons and craziness that goes along with said relationship.

On Ctrl, Webb places his acoustic axe in the service of his most ambitious project to date. It tells the tale of an unnamed character that melts the lines of physical and virtual realities until it's hard to tell man from machine, the digits from the DNA.

Here's how Webb explains it: "It's an album about one man's desire for something he cannot have because it isn't real, the journey he goes on pursuing it, and the costs of that journey. But essentially, 'Ctrl' is both personal autopsy and cultural observation about how we use technology to try and control our lives, and my concern that it could ultimately have more control of us."

Download the album and get more info here:

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Nick Ciavatta Live From The Brightside Tavern, 10/11/12

Nick Ciavatta doing a short solo set live from The Brightside Tavern in Jersey City. Ciavatta fronts the super happy fun time band, Sea of Otters, who have been playing around the New Jersey and NYC area for quite some time now.

Ciavatta is also the Executive Producer of Friggin Fabulous Radio, which can be found on the web at and as a podcast on iTunes and an Android and Kindle Fire App in the Amzon App Store.

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