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Jasper Lewis Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 10/9/12

Jasper Lewis performed an amazing set as part of the Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe, NYC, on 10/9/12.

Jasper's new album, "The King of Ideas and the Weirdo Kid" just came out and it's incredible!

E. W. Harris recorded and mixed it at Scifidelity in Brooklyn, and it was mastered at Friggin Fabulous Studios:

Jasper's album can be downloaded at CD Baby:

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Derek Webb Interview-11/30/12

This is truly one of the most fascinating interviews I've ever had the pleasure to host. Derek Webb tackles one of the topics that many of us have been thinking about lately-the human/technology relationship and all the pros and cons and craziness that goes along with said relationship.

On Ctrl, Webb places his acoustic axe in the service of his most ambitious project to date. It tells the tale of an unnamed character that melts the lines of physical and virtual realities until it's hard to tell man from machine, the digits from the DNA.

Here's how Webb explains it: "It's an album about one man's desire for something he cannot have because it isn't real, the journey he goes on pursuing it, and the costs of that journey. But essentially, 'Ctrl' is both personal autopsy and cultural observation about how we use technology to try and control our lives, and my concern that it could ultimately have more control of us."

Download the album and get more info here:

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Nick Ciavatta Live From The Brightside Tavern, 10/11/12

Nick Ciavatta doing a short solo set live from The Brightside Tavern in Jersey City. Ciavatta fronts the super happy fun time band, Sea of Otters, who have been playing around the New Jersey and NYC area for quite some time now.

Ciavatta is also the Executive Producer of Friggin Fabulous Radio, which can be found on the web at and as a podcast on iTunes and an Android and Kindle Fire App in the Amzon App Store.

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Jo Kroger Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/28/12

Jo Kroger is not a big fan of writing bios and I quote: "i hate writing bio lines. but i love you."

Jo is actually an amazing singer songwriter from NYC, LA and everywhere in between. She is one of those perfomers that I'm mesmerized by every time I see her play. She is truly an amazing talent. Check it out!

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Malcolm Marsden Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/28/12

Malcolm Marsden has had a long career as a musician, starting in New Haven CT, where he played with former and future members of Rocket From The Tombs, Miracle Legion, and Dumptruck. He is a vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, who performs his original compositions solo, and rarely-heard songs from a broad folk-rooted pop and rock repertoire in a trio called In The Dreamlife.


Malcolm has been active in promoting North Jersey's music scene, hosting open mics at Hat City Kitchen in Orange and Highland Place Bar & Grill in Maplewood, while appearing regularly at many others in the area.  Malcolm has performed in recent months at Tapastry Restaurant in Montclair, PATH Cafe and Gizzis Cafe in the West Village, NY, and Boca Grande and Lucky 7 Tavern in Jersey City.

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James Dalton Interview-9/7/12

James Dalton, although originally from New Jersey, is very well traveled and he has the well worn passport to prove it.He's played tiny pubs and festivals, clubs like the Bitter End and Stone Pony, and even ships at sail on the Baltic Sea.

In this inteview we talk about everything from his songwriting style to Finnish Santa Clauses and Batman.

His new live album, "Fankonia" is available for download at Band Camp. Check it out!

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Randy Burns Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/28/12

In 1966, Randy Burns was dropped off on the corner of Bleecker and MacDougal Street, with a bag over his shoulder and a guitar in his hand…ready for anything  Randy had gotten his start a year earlier at The Exit Coffeehouse in New Haven, Connecticut but soon left to join the Urban Folk Revival in Greenwich Village.

It was an honor to have Randy play the Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe, NYC!

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Terry Haman Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 8/14/12

Terry Haman is one of my favorite singer/songwriters in the NYC Area. He is one of the few performers that I consider truly original.Terry is always writing and always giging somewhere in the NYC/North Jersey area. Enjoy this live set from the Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe, NYC, which happens every second and fourth Tuesday at 7pm.

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Gerald Lucas at Path Cafe, NYC, 7/24/12

Gerald Lucas is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, violin and has an amazing voice.

His songs are so well crafted and truly original. He's currently in the studio working on a new EP.

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Justin Storer and Sarah Mitchell Live From Path Cafe, 7/24/12

Justin Storer & Sarah Mitchell perfoming live at the Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe, NYC on 7/24/12. It happens every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month!

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The gregarious and nefarious P@Atomic is at it again. This time live from the Boca Grande Open Mic in Jersey City, which happens every Wednesday night. P@Atomic, aka, Pat Lally is also a member of the flamboyantly fabulous band, Sea of Otters!

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Don Paris Schlotman Live From Path Cafe, NYC, 6/26/12

Don Paris Schlotman is well known for his biting bass lines and sometimes spacey vocals with The Sky Captains of Industry, but Don is quite the acomplished singer/songwriter and he lit up the stage at The Friggin Fabulous Showcase at Path Cafe recently. Here is his scintilating solo set in it's entirety!

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I sat down with Ryan Morgan, one of my favorite songwriters, at Path Cafe, NYC on a beautiful Spring day in Manhattan.

His new album "Chivalry Is Dead" is phenomenal. His record release party is at Bar 4 in Brooklyn on Friady, May 18th.

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Snippets from interviews conducted by Nick Ciavatta.

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Rachel Epp Interview-3/21/12

It was an absolute pleasure to sit down with the amazingly talented singer/songwriter, Rachel Epp, at Path Cafe in NYC.

Her songs invoke imagery of ghosts, graveyards, trains, the country and the city. Her new EP Rosary has been on auto play on my iPod all week!

I suggest you get a copy as soon as possible!

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Vic Della Pello Live From Algonquin Seaport Theater, NYC 7/8/11

We had many good shows at Algonquin Seaport Theater and the view was spectacular!

Vic's acoustic show from 7/8/11 was one of the best! Andrea Ceresa joined Vic on stage for some backing vocals. Vic's new album "Broken Heart Tattoo" is outstanding and he plays many of the songs from it as well as some interesting covers from Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles. You can get "Broken Heart Tattoo" as a digital download, CD and LP-how cool is that!

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