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My interview with "Big Bus Dream" was a real pleasure. These guys are truly unique. Check them out at:
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I'm proud to say that I had a chat with Eef Barzely from the band Clem Snide. He just toured with Ben Folds and has a new solo album, "Bitter Honey." Check it out!
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Jeremiah Lockwood got his start playing in the NYC subway as a child and is now one of the most creative artists around. Check him out at
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Jen Chapin is so very talented (and not just because she is Harry Chapin's daughter). Go the her website and buy her new CD "Ready"-You'll be glad you did!!
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Chris Mckenna is a tremendously talented musician/songwriter and a very good friend. Check out his new album: "Apollo Dreams The Future" at
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Tom E. Morgan is an incredibly talented singer/producer from Park Slope, Brooklyn. His new CD "Tell Me What You Want" drops in the fall. Check him out at:
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